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Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation

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A 30-strong audience commemorated the UN International Day of Peace at a screening of the documentary film “Within the Eye of the Storm”, held at the Peace Embassy in Thornton Heath on 27 September. This exceptional film follows the parallel stories of Palestinian and Israeli fathers who both suffered the pain of bereavement when their daughters were killed in the conflict but who chose to set out on a journey together to humanize the enemy in order to prevent the vicious cycle of retaliation in themselves and their societies. The audience were visibly moved by the tremendous courage of these two men, who overcame the instinct for vengeance and instead sought understanding, reconciliation and justice with accountability. The film was introduced by Margaret Ali (Director of UPF-UK), who is a personal friend of the film director, Shelley Hermon. A sum of £140 was raised through donations collected at the event, and these funds will be used to promote the film in schools in Israel and Palestine.

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The Seeds of Hope documentary was a painful account of human rights crimes by the victims of rape in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rebecca Masika Katsuva began the Masika Centre which is a place of healing and hope for those victims. Masika, who herself is a rape survivor, supports 80 children and many women to make a new start and guides the women to support their families through agriculture. It is by her efforts that many women have found a way to havelife after rape, abandonment by their family and sometimes bringing up the children of those rapes.

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David Fraser-Harris

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Universal Peace Federation (UPF)

43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA

UPF Approaches to Peacemaking

David Fraser-Harris: UPF Middle East Secretary General


Monthly Ambassador for Peace Get Together in Lancaster Gate

6.00 pm Refreshmentsat Cafe for 6.30 pm start in Kent Room

7.00 pm presentation followed by discussion  

Tuesday 24th February

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Universal Peace Federation UK  Peace Council

43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA

10.30 am Saturday 5th December, 2015


Dear Ambassadors for Peace and Friends,

We wondered if you were interested in the upcoming meeting. It would be nice to see you. If you are limited for time just come for a short time and meet the people.


We would like to invite you to the annual year end gathering as a follow up and a preparation for next year. One of the central themes of the development of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is the Peace Council that was proposed at the founding of the UPF as a place for people from many backgrounds to join together to discuss goals and strategies that can influence a nation or a city in a good direction. It was proposed as a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. 
The Peace Council was proposed as the forum to bring together national level people of many backgrounds in order to pool their efforts. UPF in the UK is known for holding events and activities such as commemorating special UN Days such as World Interfaith Harmony Week, UN Day of the GirlInternational Women's DayWorld Interfaith Harmony WeekPrevention of Sexual Violence in ConflictYouth Engagement in Politics, as well as Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change conferences. We are also known for human rights events, interfaith activities, promotion of the family and the development of Youth UPF. We are a partner of Parliament Week and Youth UPF held a workshop on youth political understanding during Parliament Week 2015. We have held a series of events to raise awareness of human rights issues of sexual violence in eastern DR Congo and Conflict Minerals.

During this Peace Council 2015 we will have contributions from some of the Directors of UPF. They will explain a three year activity and fundraising plan for 2016 – 2018. We have a plan to focus on inter-religious programmes, Importance of the Family and how help strengthen the Family, finally on Peace building, centred on Inter Religious, Inter Racial and Inter Communal, Cooperation as well as Peace Activities.

There will be contributions from several Ambassadors for Peace. These will include Cecilia Hallstrom from Malmo Central Mosque in Sweden and Saoussen Ben Cheikh who will explain her work on the Turkish border with Syria with refugees from the Syrian conflict. She has been working with Medicin Sans Frontiere for several years and now working with another Turkish local charity. There will be a few reports / models of good practice including Birmingham and South London. There will be reports from Charlotte Simon about the work with issues and humanitarian projects relating to DR Congo.


You will be joining Ambassadors for Peace, UPF members and activists from different parts of the UK. There will be a number of notable speakers present on the day who have been part of our regular activities throughout the year.
Annual Membership is only £30 if you join before the Peace Council (or at the reception desk on the day), where entrance to the Peace Council will be £5 instead of £12 to cover lunch costs. Tickets can be bought online in advance to reserve your place through this link. Otherwise it will cost £12 to attend the Peace Council. Please let us know any dietary requirements. 


RSVP to reserve your place. We look forward to meeting you on Saturday.




We look forward to your positive response.

Best regards,


Robin Marsh, Margaret Ali and Joyce Suda

Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - UK  @ukUPF  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welcome Margaret Ali, Director UPF

Dr David Earle: Chairman of UK-UPF Board and Birmingham UPF

Robin Marsh Secretary General, UK - UPF

Activities Robin Marsh and Margaret Ali

Tally Koren – Inspirational Singer  

Keith Best: UPF Director

Nicola Bailey – UPF Director

Mark Brann - International UPF Activities

Binod Dangi – UPF Secretary General for Nepal - Nepal Peace Project

Sir Iftikhar Ayaz OBE, Honorary Consul of Tuvalu

Youth UPF Group

Ambassador for Peace Awards


Mark Brann: UPF Peace Initiatives

Dr. Lul Seyoum: Eritrea

Cecilia Hallstrom: Islamic Centre of Malmo

James Tang: UPF Sustainable Development Goals Committee

Charlotte Simon: Founder of Mothers of Congo

Dr David Earle: Chairman of UPF Board and Birmingham UPF

Baldev Singh-Bains: Sikh Council UK and Dr David Earle  - Integration Service Learning

Annerose Adams, South London UPF

Justina Mutale – Justina Mutale Leadership Foundation

Sheikh Dr Hojjat Ramzy - UPF Director, Chair of the Education Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain.  





UN Day of the Girl

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Universal #Peace Federation-UK in partnership with Justina Mutale Leadership Foundation convened the UN International Day of the Girl hosted by Lord Ahmed of Rotherham. Speakers included President Elio D'anna ( Founder & President of the European School of Economics), Her Excellency, Sabine Balve( Founder & President, World Leaders Forum Dubai), Dr Cassandra Martinez-King (Chief Executive, London Petroleum Law & Management School), Robin Marsh( Secretary-General, Universal Peace Federation) and Phoebe Ruguru (Student/Film Maker and Young Leader). 

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Matteo Bergamini - Political Literacy

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With partners Shout Out UK and Road Works Media, Youth UPF participated in a workshop to promote political literacy among young adults and teenagers during Parliament Week. Both Shout Out UK and Universal Peace Federation (UPF) - UK are partners of Parliament Week. Matteo Bergamini, founder of Shout Out UK, in photo launching the event. Quince Garcia and Julian Bernard Grau ran different sections of the workshop following a talk by Guardian Journalist,  Erica Buist.

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