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Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation

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Dr Werner Fasslabend

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International Leadership Conference - Peace and Migration: Cross-Regional Perspectives

While Middle Eastern countries struggle under the weight of millions of refugees fleeing conflicts, European nations, experiencing a historic period of peace, have offered both open doors and high fences. Today's crises raise questions of economic survival and cultural identity. Is migration a right? Is hospitality an obligation? How to balance the needs for integration, ageing populations and the preservation of one's native culture? Panellists were looking for principles, policies and action steps that can lead to sustainable models for peaceful coexistence between the three regions.

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Jacques Marion Photo

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International Leadership Conference: A Vision for Peacebuilding in the Global Era 

The Universal Peace Federation, in cooperation with Ambassadors for Peace of all nations and faiths, has been involved in peacebuilding throughout the world through interreligious dialogue, consultations on peace and security, initiatives for peace in areas of conflict, peace education, and a multitude of other programs. UPF's peacebuilding principles and practices were presented, and respected statesmen and Ambassadors for Peace gave their perspective on the critical challenges of our time and their vision for bringing effective peacebuilding solutions. 

For further updates please see,, and twitter @ukUPF  #ilc_london  (Edwin Shuker Video link). Photo Link1 Link2

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Inter-regional Dialogue Addressing Critical Challenges: Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, North Africa

 The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) has a worldwide reach. From 7 to 9 September 2016, representatives of three regions—Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa—will gather in London to develop the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). Featuring 30 parliamentarians among 140 participants coming to London from over 40 nations, the conference will enable a genuine dialogue from nations rich and poor, from Christian, Muslim and Jewish as well as many other cultural and religious perspectives. This follows the pattern of inter-regional conferences held this year in Nepal, Burkina Faso and South Korea.  

For further updates please see, and twitter @ukUPF  #ilc_london

Please also see: UPF International Conference In London September 7 - 9

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ILC 250

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International Leadership Conference

Inter-regional Dialogue Addressing Critical Challenges

Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, North Africa


 London, United Kingdom         September 7 to 9, 2016


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Good Governance London

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Three courses of Good Governance Education have been taught to groups in London and Brussels from the United Congolese Party(UCP). The President of the UCP,Mr Christian Malanga, requested these courses and was in the first group to advise on the content.  

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The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) minerals have been valued at $24 trillion dollars according to IHS experts with more than 1,100 different minerals. The main ones include: copper, cobalt, silver uranium, lead, zinc, cadmium, diamonds, gold, tin, tungsten, manganese and a rare metal such as coltan. The latter, is one of the so called 3Ts, or tantalum, tungsten and tin, and together with gold they have been instrumental in driving deadly atrocities in the eastern DRC for nearly two decades now. Since the invasion of DRC by neighbouring countries, Rwanda and Uganda, we have witnessed the DRC’s rich resources being plundered for the benefit of few. Militia and armed groups are used to terrorise civilians, mainly woman and children, using rape as a weapon of fear. DRC is not at war with anyone.

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